• 275.00 USD

    Shipping 2-3 weeks Maximum 2 per customer. F16V4 Description The controller receives 192 universes of E131, Artnet or DDP data and can output pixel data to 16-48 strings with optional expansion boards. 1024 pixels per output in 16 to 32 string mode. 704 pixels per string in 48 port mode.  

    275.00 USD
    Shipping in 2-3 Weeks
  • 40.00 USD

    Works with F16V4 only.  The expansion board have a 24-pin ribbon cable connector. The Differential Expansion Board connects the the F16V4. Comes with 24-pin ribbon cable.

    40.00 USD
    Shipping in 2-3 Weeks
  • 50.00 USD

    Works with F16V4 only. Shipping in 2-3 Weeks The F16V4 Expansion Board connects the F16V4. Completely Assembled. This board expands a F16V4 pixel controller to give controller another 16 ports. Two expansion boards can be used to extend F16v4 to a 48 port controller. 2x12 ribbon cable (20cm) is included.         

    50.00 USD
    Shipping in 2-3 Weeks