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    Falcon PiCap


    Falcon PiCap

    50% of of proceeds from sales of the Falcon PiCap will go to FPP development team.  All support for this product is through 

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    F48V4-NS Differential...


    F48V4-NS Differential Controller (Long Range). 

    Only One Ethernet Port. 

    Can drive up to 32768 pixels.  48 Differential Outputs. Local SmartReceiver onboard..

  • Product available with different options

    F16V4 Pixel Controller -...


    Shipping in 3-4 Weeks From Order Date

    Completely Assembled ready to run F16V4 pixel controller. 1024 pixels per output.



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    • Out-of-Stock

    F48V4 Differential Controller


    Limited supply may become available in 4-5 weeks.


    Can drive up to 32768 pixels.  48 Differential Outputs. Local SmartReceiver onboard. Can connect up to 12 Falcon.

  • Shipping in early April

    F16V4 Pixel Controller


    Shipping early April 

    Maximum 2 per customer.



    The controller receives 192 universes of E131, Artnet or DDP data and can output.

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    F16V3 Pixel Controller



    Non-Refundable or Returnable

    Completely Assembled. 1024 pixels per output pixel controller. 



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    F48 Differential Controller



    Completely Assembled. Can drive up to 16384 pixels.  48 Differential Outputs no local ports. Can connect up to 12 Falcon Differential Receivers. No returns or.

  • Shipping in early to mid April
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    Shipping early to mid April 


    - Ability to receive and visualize Pixel, Smart Reveiver and DMX data. Visualizations.